Remembering Our why?

When times are tough, which will inevitably will happen, remembering our "Why" is what keeps us going.  Please tell us your "Why?"  Following is mine:

Starting SLV Hemp Distribution is like remembering a dark comedy. I was introduced to hemp during a symposium at the university I worked at as an  Adventure Sports Coordinator. My mentor encouraged me to attend, with an initial response of curiosity with a slight disdain for hemp business, until a few things happened...

Opportunity struck

Out of the blue, at lunch break, a hemp company out of Boulder asked if I'd consider distributing their raw hemp products. So I decided to consider the idea.

During the symposium I listened to farmer's questions and needs for direction. I realized I would thrive in this world of hemp. My background in sales, marketing, and distribution with XEROX Corporation prepared me for this endeavor.

Still... not convinced this should be my new career. The following week I took samples of hemp rolled cones (AKA hemp cigarettes), raw hemp flowers, and hemp leaves to a dispensary in southern Colorado. 

I dropped them on the counter and said, "Would you guys buy these products?".  Shocked by the looks on their faces they said, "Yes! We NEED this!" 

"For what?"

Their answers were of customers, friends, and family with physical and emotional pain, their pet's anxiety (seemed hilarious), and athlete's with pain. What caught my attention was opioid relief for those trying to stop using drugs. My heart hurt, knowing the stories were true, my instincts said "Do this". I was in.  

If we can save one life with CBD to help a mom trying to prevent a teen from suicide to escape emotional pain, I've succeeded in life.

Final decision came as the store owner placed a $2,900.00 order and asked, "Who do I make the check out to?". 

Stunned, I said "SLV Hemp Distribution, LLC". I made the name up on the spot. 

Off I went in search of a bank willing to deposit a check with the word "Hemp" in it. 

Had I not gone through this I may have stopped by now. Remembering why I do this is what keeps me committed. 

Knowing people can't afford what's on the market and are looking for ways to live with less pain keeps me going. Not letting drugs take a life and helping save a family member. Assisting athletes, weekend warriors and Vietnam Vets, or a stressed out mom live a healthier lifestyle.

To assist others in  "Living to the end for which they were created." - St. Ignatius 

With all my heart I feel called to build "de Novo" (a new beginning) for hemp, our fellow man, and ourselves.  Here's to you!

All my best, 


Tamera Rice