Raw Hemp 

1. Organically grown Full Spectrum Raw Hemp leaves and flowers mixed

Bulk or pre-packaged with or without labeling 

Grown according to the 2014 Farm Bill with less than .3 THC

Used for food such as casseroles, chocolates, cookies, smoothies and other products like pet food, candles, pipes (smoking)


2. Full Spectrum Raw Hemp Flowers

Bulk or prepackaged with or without labeling 

Grown according to the 2014 Farm Bill with less than .3 THC

Used for vaping and in pipes as substitute for tobacco and reduce cravings


3. Hand Rolled Hemp cones

Hemp flower & leaves wrapped for smoking

  Less than .3 THC

Used to reduce cravings for tobacco cigarettes and the addictive drugs

Full Spectrum CBD 

1. Organic Agave beverage powdered sweetener with CBD

60 MG of CBD per 1/2 tsp


Ingredients: Nutritious agave, CBD and other phytonutrients 

Used for pain caused by inflammation.


2. Calming therapy lotion in citrus or lavender


2 oz jar with 200mg or 1000mg of CBD

Ingredients: Pure emu oil, CBD, other phytonutrients and natural lavender, citrus or unscented 

Used in massage for pain, tendonitis, join pain, neck pain, massage. 


3. Pure full spectrum CBD oil

Available in 5 strengths:  250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2500mg, 5000mg and 10,000mg

Packaged in 1 oz or 2 oz dropper bottles.


Ingredients: Highly refined coconut oil, CBD, other phytonutrients, peppermint. Other natural flavors available upon request.

Used for managing pain, anxiety, brain injury, cancer and psycological issues. 

For you...

1. Make your own stamp!  

Designing your own line of products?  Your success is our success. We offer packaging, labeling and confidential new product development and design consulting. 

2. Stay in touch, additional hemp products coming!  

Cream rises to the top.  As a leading hemp distributor we attract the best people with similar ideals and standards.  We seek out the top stores to distribute to, farms of highest standards in organic methods and manufacturers using cutting edge technologies.  

3. Wait...not certified organic?

"Certified organic" should be required by law for health improvement products, until it is we draw a hard line on this topic for several reasons. 

1. Hemp acts like a sponge. If you are not selling organically grown hemp products, you may be passing along toxins.

2. Hemp is a weed that grows without pesticides.

3. Our family and friend's health is more important than short-term gains. 

If you need assistance transitioning an operation while maintaining a thriving business we will help, no charge.